Wednesday, February 11, 2009

here's to cole!

a note to Don Key's topic...

cole porter was a marvelous songwriter. i particularly like "what a swell party this is" and "anything goes," both CP songs, yes? (please feel free to correct me if i blunder; i'm only right 87% of the time so i must be told about my other 13% if i am to ever amend that percentage! ) While sinatra was no songwriter (that i know of, but that makes swell chum for further research), he was a gifted musician... his instrument being his voice. he played that instrument with incredible finesse, devotion and intuition. there is a reason such an incomparable voice is, at the same time, so effortless. he is a prodigious example of vocal expression. All that and songwriting too? save that for jesus, cuz only HE could top our guy!

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