Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So what, the way he wears his hat counts fer nuttin?

The polls are in and ya good fer nuttins didn't come thru quite as i'd hoped. we got 6 votes this time, but next time there'll be more, right?

What is it that makes us swoon?
3 votes--that's 50% for you non-math wizards--for the voice. ah that sultry, sensual, deep and boundless voice. it comes so naturally and effortlessly, and yet there's not another like it.
1 vote--that's 16%--for the eyes. oh those smashing clear blue (though watery drunk at times) blue eyes.. well that must be where 'Ol Blue Eyes got the name!
2 votes--that's 33%--say the swagger. Boy howdy, swing, baby! We love to see that air of confidence in the ones we admire. Ladies, who among you doesn't find that sort of thing sexy (fellas, don't be confused between confidence and conceit)?
0 votes--that's 0%, genius--say the way he wears his hat. Well I'll say, nobody but nobody can wear it better.

Stay tuned for the next big survey...


  1. The hat is cool, but he wasn't always wearing one...but when he was sporting a fedora, top hat, or what-have-he it only added to the allure of his Frankness.
    Does it not make sense that his voice would be at the top of the list? He started in radio, did he not? His success was not fueled by innovations as an actor. The singing was the big ticket seller.

  2. Love it! I am sorry that I didn't take your poll, but next time I certainly will!

    And I think that everything aside, Sinatra's voice could melt anybody's heart.... hat's down!

  3. I think I may have found some audio. El Blog de Newman is the name of the blog. The URL seems flakey. Scroll to the bottom to access the tracks. I didn't follow through so maybe this is not the place. If no luck with the URL --google El Blog de Newman.


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