Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Frank Sinatra Night and Day

I sit here, in the wee small hours, listening to "The Wee Small Hours." I'm finishing off my cocktail, trying to keep my droopy lids open just long enough to pay a tribute...
with my tribute... Frank.

Having basked in the joyful celebration of my one and only on National Frank Sinatra Day, my night winds down, and I contemplate the happiness his voice has given me all day long.

There goes the last of my lemony scotch. I wonder where he must be right now, and if he knows he's loved...

Hope your holiday was as marvelous as mine.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


That's not tea, pal, it just looks like it.

The official Frank Sinatra Day is quite upon us! A mere 4 days away! And many of us are still without a good idea of how we will celebrate. It could only be proper to include a lot of cigarettes, a fedora, and some amount of brown liquor... which brings us to the question, "what will I be drinking on May 13th, the official Frank Sinatra Day?"

As most avid Fan-atras (you like that? i just made it up.) may already know, Frank was a big fan of the Jack Daniels. It seems only right that JD should be brought into the celebration then. Right?

Alas and alack, I shall have need to celebrate with a JD lover, for I haven't the palate myself for Bourbon. I do, however, appreciate a cheap scotch. For this reason, I think I'll be having my other boyfriend, Johnny Walker, over for dinner.

I know, you're asking "won't your first boyfriend (Frank) be a little upset about you partying with another man?" My answer to you is, Frank and I have a long distance romance, and we recognize the need to resume an open relationship to avoid the pitfalls of extreme loneliness. Don't worry though, the aforementioned bourbon lover who'll be celebrating with JW and I will be purely platonic.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Author's Note

I should adress the folly I noticed on the link below. May 8th as Frank Sinatra Day was a curiosity... I found a couple references to that date, but overwhelmingly, the majority of notices on Sinatra Day I found refered to the 13th. Sorry for any confusion.

Further, please be aware that the depreciating tone in that link does not reflect the opinions of this blogger. Quite the contrary; I realize that that writer will not be invited to that Big Casino in the Sky when her time comes--the unholy broad.

11 days and counting!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy Mayday everyone!

You may or may not know this, but May is Frank month! There is an official Frank Sinatra Day, approved by congress. May 13th in fact. That means, 12 days and counting down until Frankfest...

You may be wondering, "but how should I celebrate Frank day?" Well, THIS LINK will take you to a cornucopia of wonderful ideas.

As far as I'm concerned... a tall drink, an old movie, and dancing the foxtrot all night long.
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