Monday, February 9, 2009

Enhanced Communication

Sinatra was a man of many words. He sang 'em. He mangled 'em. And he created 'em. Much of the language we think of as quintessential to the 50s swinger was brought to you by this fine sponsor of Americana. Whether or not he coined 'em... I may never know. But he certainly brought a charming flair to our comfortable lingo with these choice tokens (as quoted from Remembering Sinatra):

  • broad (n): a sexy woman

  • charlies (n): sexy breasts

  • chick (n): a sexy young woman

  • clyde (n): means anything

  • crazy (adj): cool

  • crumb (n): a creep

  • gasoline (n): booze

  • gasser (n): a great person

  • harve (n): a square

  • mouse (n): a small woman

  • ring-a-ding (adj): terrific

  • twirl (n): a chick who loves dancing

  • -ville (suffix): many uses; bombsville, endsville, splitsville

1 comment:

  1. Frank was frank.
    The songs he chose to sing were easy to understand, though they were sometimes filled with slang.
    Never will you hear a song sung by Senior Sinatra that is difficult to comprehend. He chose primarily simple standards that appealed to a large audience. He was a pop singer above all else.
    I like Frank's singing, but I don't know how I felt about his attitude (on stage) toward minorities and women...not to make this a political discussion.


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