Thursday, March 5, 2009


When it comes to Sinatra movies, it's all about mood.
What emotion are you looking to appeal to when you're going out to rent a Frank flick? Here's a quick rundown of potential movies for your potential moodies.


Definitely go for Anchors Aweigh. He's cute as a button, unassuming, and in love with the lady who loves another. He gets his comeuppance, though, and finds the perfect girl. This movie also features (sigh) Gene Kelly. If you've never seen a Gene Kelly movie, OMG, after this one you'll be a believer. He's the singularly greatest dancer/choreographer of all time. He's like Astair, only HOT!
Anchors Aweigh also features the very famous dance scene with Jerry the Mouse. This is the film that pioneered mixing real film with animation. The sequence with Jerry was the first to incorporate a cartoon character interacting with a filmed figure.


Robin and the Seven Hoods, all the way! This movie has Dean and Sammy in it too, as well as Bing Crosby. The musical numbers are glorious--especially "You either got or you haven't got style." The comedy is sheer hilarity! They make you want to be there having a good time with them, law-breaking, mob-dodging, and shooting pool.


Many of his films feature his voice, but for all intents and purposes, High Society rocks the boat! This Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby (and... what was that other gal's name... I don't remember, but I love her! ) film is a musical spin off of the Hepburn/Grant/Stewart classic The Philadelphia Story. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! The songs are AWESOME! Including Porter's marvel, "What a swell party this is." Frank's journalist partner (I wish I could remember... OH YEAH), Celeste Holm, are magic together! And who doesn't swoon when watching the supremely graceful Grace Kelly?

As a side, Guys and Dolls is a great film with Sinatra as supporting actor alongside the wonderful Marlon Brando. Brando, I love you. But God bless him, he's just no singer. Somehow (cuz he's so dreamy), he got the lead role and the lead vocals on a Sinatra standard, "Luck be a Lady." Kinda infuriating, but I suppose Sinatra had a decent role nonetheless.


There's a tie here between Marriage on the Rocks and The Tender Trap. These two movies ('65 and '55 respectively) will truly offend the delicate feminist sensibilities. But that point is an interesting illustration of what was considered appropriate gender ideology of the time. Marriage on the Rocks features Deborah Kerr (From Here to Eternity) and Dean-o and makes bold statements about what a wife should be willing to accept. The Tender Trap costars Debbie Reynolds (from the alltime greatest, Singin' in the Rain) and the wonderful Celeste Holm, and tells the tale of a womanizer falling in love.
Whatever mood moves you to the movie store, check it out, there's a Sinatra gem that's just right for you.

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  1. I'll have to check out "Robin and the seven hood." I've heard of it, but never watched it.

    I really like "Guys and Dolls," but Brando singing instead of Frank makes you wonder. Some studio strings must have turn down the sound, Brando is a looker.


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