Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well folks, we've cast our votes and here are the results of SURVEY 2: WHO MAKES THE BEST MRS. SINATRA?

one of you (i know it's you justin) cast a vote (that's 16%) for the lovely Ava Gardner. She was quite a looker, was she not? And my, how she had Frank in a lovestruck way. In fact, long before they met, while playing with Dorsey, he pointed out Ava's photo and said "I'm gonna marry her someday." That must've been in the 30s. Of course, he had quite a list of ladies he'd like to get with, and likely managed to get 'em all... the ol' dog.
Dean-o once introduced him: "A man whose outlook is never narrow but who sees everything in terms of the broad."
three of you (that's 50% folks!) voted Barbara Marx. I know nothing of Babs, but that she was his late-in-life-love. Probably a pretty good bet that he'd have cooled a few degrees by then to make it last with her. In fact he showed her unending adoration, toasting to her whereever they went: "I drink to you, my love, because I adore you!" While dating, she'd receive wires from him daily as well as flowers, whereever he was. And he'd often call to say "I love you," and hang up with no further conversation. (sigh) what a romantic!
two of you, bless your hearts (that's a third) voted ME... and I do appreciate the astuteness. Ok, one of them was me, but that leaves one person that feels my love. While I've had many dreams about the man (not dirty ones, thank you very much), we never truly were married. Although, I do maintain that he's my boyfriend... we have a long distance relationship.
As far as Mia and Nancy? Nuttin'. Sorry sucka's!

resource: The Way You Wear Your Hat


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  2. I need to get the low-down on Frank in order to keep up with this blog...I'll put that on my to-do list! Being a new groupie to you, I love the way you write and envy your creativeness! Since I know nothing about Mr. Sinatra, or any of the Mrs. Sinatras for that matter...I don't know what to tell you and I apologize! I have not had the opportunity to read through your previous blogs, but I'm just curious about your love for this man? I just want to know more about where your coming from, but I'm sure I can find it in older posts...I'll add that to my to-do list too!

  3. I'm on the same boat as Regan. Never got the Sinatra bug. Strange, but what would be a good starter film to give me the best of what he's got to offer, which as I can tell, is a lot:)

  4. I really like the style of your really show a knowledge, passion and love for the topic and the style and tone of your blog solidify that. I like the different colors and the way you emphasize certain words and phrases throughout your posts. I also really like your voice, as if you grew up alongside Sinatra and experienced everything you are writing about.

    P.S. I miss your comments over at Change the Change, come check it out when you know you can handle your blood pressure rising a little


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