Monday, March 2, 2009


Sinatra was a most noteworthy singer, incredibly prolific and wildly successful. He was also a movie star, equally prolific. The VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever lists 49 (what, couldn't belt out a 50th buddy?) between Strictly G.I. in '44 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit in '88.
Many of his films featured him purely for his voice, I'm sure. But the one that won him the most critical acclaim did not. In fact, he was but a supporting actor (the best that year, by Oscar's account) who was killed off much too early! oops. Maybe I shouldn't have given that one away. But come on, who here hasn't seen From Here to Eternity? Not the '79 Basinger remake. The classic '53 Lancaster/Clift chick or Rick flick.

Frank plays a part made for him: the scrappy-little-Italian-tough-guy that any girl would adore, whose continual trouble-making earns him black eyes. Oh, the character was fantastically easy to like, and he added the perfect amount of flare to an otherwise dangerously dramatic LOVE STORY.
But even with the Oscar, it wasn't From Here to Eternity that Frank felt deserved his award. Rather, a lesser known film with Kim Novak called The Man With the Golden Arm. Why was his arm golden? That is a cunundrum. It could be his marvelous talent for drums... or it could be his talent for dealing cards and always winning... or it could be his heroin addiction. At any rate, you want drama? You want to see Frank in a truly exceptional display of thespi? Check out this legendary addict performance! Pretty good for a Pretty Boy!

As for my personal favorite?

Anchors Aweigh.
Cuz it's got the singularly most perfect pair of man legs in all filmdom in it...
Gene Kelly... sigh.

OMG! I think I'll start up a Gene Kelly section for this blog!
Oh, And Frank sings and dances in a sailor uniform.

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  1. honestly- i am one of the few that has never seen a Sinatra movie- I'm ashamed! I definitely need to remedy that!

    This was an eye opening post. I knew he was an actor but I never knew that he won an oscar! That's huge!!!

    I think it would be really cool, for us low-lives that know nothing of Sinatra's career, for you to post Sinatra's most famous movies and also some not-so-well-known films that he has been in. I would be interested in seeing what he has been in so that I can make a trip to Blockbuster....

    Thanks for keeping me updated!


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