Saturday, May 2, 2009

Author's Note

I should adress the folly I noticed on the link below. May 8th as Frank Sinatra Day was a curiosity... I found a couple references to that date, but overwhelmingly, the majority of notices on Sinatra Day I found refered to the 13th. Sorry for any confusion.

Further, please be aware that the depreciating tone in that link does not reflect the opinions of this blogger. Quite the contrary; I realize that that writer will not be invited to that Big Casino in the Sky when her time comes--the unholy broad.

11 days and counting!


  1. Whether it's the 8th or the 13th, I'm still celebrating with a top hate and a bottle of scotch!

  2. I definitely plan to celebrate it. Not sure how yet.

  3. ya know, there's so much we can do...
    i think i'll be properly fractured at least that night. i'll definitely be swoonin' to the croonin' all day long. the 13th is also, coincidentally, my day of liberation from school! i shall have no other academic obligations past the 12th... whoopee! it'll be a doubly spectacular day of celebration!


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